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Aug 27, 2023

An extended Sunday Sermon edition of Wilderness Wanderings!  The text is Luke 9:57-62 from the New International Version of the Bible.  Dive In discussion questions are below for further reflection! To see this sermon in the context of the worship service it comes from, find it here on YouTube.  Or, head to our website to connect with the worshiping community of Immanuel CRC:


Dive In Questions

1.  What stands out to you from hearing these verses from Luke 9?
2. What is it about trees and human lives that are similar?  What are some of the examples that Pastor Anthony gives and that you might know from your own life?
3. What costs do the three men who interact with Jesus in this passage see (or not)?  What holds them back from following?
4. What are the costs that hold us (you) back from following Jesus wholeheartedly?
5. What does it really mean to entrust these things to Jesus and prioritize following him above all?
6. How will you act on following Jesus more fully this week?